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What causes stomach fat?

To have a good understanding of how to lose excess fat around your stomach it's important to know what may have been the cause of the stomach fat. Gaining body fat is a result of consistent bad habits. Yes it is true that there are hormones that with age can affect your body weight, but the fat stored still needs to of come from somewhere.

Here are a some of the reasons for stomach fat.

Over eating

This must be the primary cause of stomach fat. For a body to increase in weight, to have a high storage of fat then the body will need to be consuming more than it needs. The majority of people do not admit to over eating or to eating more than they need but it is this simple fact. A body can only increase in weight by what it consumes. The majority of people find reasons for this issue resulting in reasons that are out of their control. Such reasoning allows people to be more comfortable with themselves and their condition rather than face the cause of the over eating. Over eating is very common and very easy to do. With the average cost of junk food being low and the increase of unhealthy foods in stores makes these foods easily accessible. These common factors prevent you from having the flat stomach you desire.

Why over eat?

People are individuals and their reasons for over eating differ from person to person. Over eating is basically eating more calories that your body actually needs to function properly and remain healthy. Although everyone is different and will have different reasons for over eating there are common factors which traits found with people who do overeat. Common factors such as:

Depression - feeling low or disappointed
Stress - having situations out of your control
The love of food or specific unhealthy food types - junk foods, foods high in fat and sugars
For comfort - people find comfort alone with food
The result of quitting smoking - the cravings are changed from the need to smoke to hunger
Boredom - when there is nothing to do then eating is very easy to do and easy to get hold of
Starvation diet failure resulting in excessive eating - once a diet plan has failed people tend to revert back to their eating habits, only this time their body's metabolism is slower.

Slow metabolism

Our metabolism regulates the food we eat. By skipping meals, eating just before you sleep, starving your body of certain nutrients all aid towards slowing your metabolism. The slower the metabolism the more your body stores belly fat.
If you were naturally slim when you were younger with little or no exercise you will start to see that your body stores more tummy fat with age this is because your body's metabolism slows with age.


This also plays a big role in gaining a fat stomach. If you have little of no activity in a day then your body will not be able to burn the calories you've consumed. Making small changes to your daily routine can work towards you being more active and help burn more calories.

Poor posture

This is one commonly over looked. An over curved spine causing your belly to stick out, to have a 'pot belly' or paunch appearance increasing the visual appearance of a large stomach.

Foods high in fat and sugar

You my find that you don't eat as much in terms of quantity as someone else who is smaller than you but what you are actually eating is more calories even though the quantity is less. Foods that contain extra sugars and fats will lead to stomach fat.

Inappropriate digestion

By eating a poor diet or too little fibre or the lack of drinking enough water can result in a troubled digestive system. The consumption of fibre, particular nutrients that contain enzymes to help break food down such as fruit and vegetables are very good for assisting the body in digesting food so too is drinking water. Once your body has trouble digesting food then you may find your stomach is bloated or uncomfortable with gases.

How to lose stomach fat

First you need to establish what is the cause of your belly fat. With the information here will give you an idea of where your causes are. Then it is a case or working on the causes. Remember it is not just a diet change but a life style change - your diet, exercise and mental attitude all have to play a part to succeed in obtaining a flat stomach.

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