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Why lose belly fat?

There are many reasons why someone decides to lose the belly fat. Some reasons are good and some are bad.

Here is a list of some of the reasons most people want to lose belly fat:

A wedding
Fit into a new swim suit
For a holiday
For the summer months
For a photo shoot
To please others
To feel better about yourself worth
Be happier
Increase self esteem
Charity event to raise money (such as a marathon)
To look similar to models or movie stars
To gain admiration from others
To fit into a social group
To avoid being laughed at
To have courage to look naked into mirrors
To feel more attractive
For prom night

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There are countless number of reasons why one would want to have a flat stomach. With all of the various reasons people who aim to lose stomach fat fall in to just two categories. To lose belly fat for appearance or for health reasons. The reason everyone should aim to lose their love handles is for latter; health reasons.

Toning your stomach for appearance is a reason but will not help you to discover the underlying reason for the need to improve your appearance. To fit into a new dress or to avoid being laughed at, or to feel more accepted by peers are all low self-esteem issues. Not only are they damaging emotionally but you may find yourself spiraling deeper into your negative issues if you fail to reach your goal of a flat stomach.

There is nothing wrong with looking good, but basing your happiness on whether you have a flat stomach is not a good motive. And the majority of people who use such motives usually either totally fail or reach their goal and then slip back into their old bad habits and gain the stomach fat again - sometimes gaining more fat than before.

What you should do is to look at the health aspects of losing stomach fat. By aiming your attention to the healthy aspects of losing stomach fat will give you a longer term solution. You will also have an idea of the consequence of unhealthy eating habits or lack of exercise.

What reasons should you want to lose stomach fat?

Focus on you! It's a fact that changing your diet to healthy meals and exercising will make you feel better, reduce your feelings of tiredness by increasing your body’s energy levels, you’ll have a better nights sleep, you’ll feel more confident, you’ll have a sense of achievement and so on. There are endless reasons and each vary from person to person, but none are negative and more importantly all are achievable!
The true incentive for aiming for a flat, toned stomach is for health reasons and health reasons only.

Having this as your driving force, the benefits follow!

By comparing yourself to someone else will not help. I’m sure you’ve thought “I can never look like so and so” or “I’m too big to look that that”. Don’t think this way. These are negative thoughts and will not help you. Instead assess where you are at, think about your aim of a flatter stomach and then work towards it. A flat stomach will not happen in minutes or a few weeks. But keeping a diary, having a goal specifically designed for you will help and work for you.

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